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Daenerys at Dragonstone.

In the aftermath of era-defining cultural events, narratives form and mutate. The Beatles’ split was pinned on Yoko Ono; Limp Bizkit took the blame for the Woodstock ’99 riots; myths of…

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Game of Thrones star found finale “unsatisfying,” backlash “nonsensical”

Syrio Forel was a fan favourite on Game of Thrones from the moment he first appeared. Hired by Eddard “Ned” Stark in season 1 to teach Arya the ways of…

Because it’s a year old!

1000 gecs — 100 gecs.

There’s an entire generation of kids out there who grew up with an identical set of very specific circumstances despite being separated by an ocean and scattered across two continents. At some point during their childhood (likely their early teens) they fully realised, and subsequently…

Working through the curious discography of one of the most fascinating bands of all time.


As a consequence of them drifting out of the intense scrutiny of the media spotlight, the long tale of Weezer’s career is often forgotten, existing as history only remembered by their most dedicated fans. If…

Robert Oliver

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